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Days since last payment 644 days
This user requests ฿0.26 at 0.50000% paid weekly.
avatar MrWang 2016-06-28 04:51

I trust this borrower 100% and know her personally.. She is the mother of my son.

avatar MrWang 2016-07-10 16:59

She is trying to build a credit line and trust for investing and borrowing.

tobixen - investments 2017-02-05 22:08

She apparently failed on the "building trust"-part of it now, with 77 days since last deposit. (but I would accept the excuse "oh ... I simply forgot about Getline" - quite reputable people have been giving that excuse and then quickly repaid)

avatar Borgminer 2017-03-26 14:42

thank you for the zero percent interest . next time learn to read.

zootgama 2017-04-22 21:14

Hi there, I noticed you have invested in Jeffbortoff/Borgminers loan:

The guy has a history of not repaying his loans, so put some througt into whether or not you invest in his line of credit.

Thanks ZG

avatar Slappy2017 2017-07-26 04:22

hi im new here and really new to get my site up and going not 100% sure if i did everything i needed to on my profile but im in need of a loan please help if can



I am asking for this so that I can get verified and start to create a reputation on getline. I have started to invest little amounts on loans here so that I can show I am sticking around. If you have any questions be sure to ask.

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tobixen - investments
฿0.55 0.10000%
avatar Marcin Michalak ฿0.00000381 0.15000%
฿0.0001 0.20000%
The slightly greedy investment bot
฿0.00379848 0.20424%
The competitive investment bot
฿0.01 0.49999%
฿0.00099913 0.50000%
Borrower Amount Interest
avatar Ajay Seervi ฿0.00012488 0.05000%
avatar Kacper ฿0.00129945 0.05000%
avatar Marcin Michalak ฿0.00025001 0.05000%
avatar Taimur Tariq Sikandar ฿0.00003138 0.10000%
avatar JJ Ores ฿0.00012178 0.10000%
avatar MarcoPT ฿0.00051065 0.10000%
avatar dsmillie ฿0.00000993 0.10000%
avatar BitBargains ฿0.00043846 0.10000%
avatar Ali Raheman ฿0.00002741 0.10000%
avatar MAGsistemas ฿0.00002177 0.10000%
avatar matti paakki ฿0.00016402 0.10000%
avatar Ronnel Ang ฿0.00008741 0.10000%
฿0.00093478 0.10000%
avatar Andrew Wayne ฿0.00057936 0.10000%
avatar Borgminer ฿0.0002237 0.10000%
avatar GammaGooblin ฿0.00001877 0.10000%