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Days since last payment 477 days
This user requests ฿10 at 0.30000% paid monthly.
tobixen - investments 2016-05-14 16:19

I've done cashtrades with kkravi via Localbitcoins. He seems like a trustworthy person.

tobixen - investments 2016-05-18 07:51

He has proven trustworthy: Borrowed 1.4 outside getline (plus 0.4 here) over some banking holidays, and paid back with much higher interest than what I asked for.

avatar Kacper 2016-05-18 17:45

I am giving him "gold star" as trusted member - so his credit limit is increased.

avatar Kacper 2016-06-01 00:34

Thanks for partial repayment!

avatar Thomas Falcon 2016-06-10 17:35

Hallo, i see you have some investment here. I not ask for more from you. Just something from 0.1 to 0.20. I'm active on BTC talk, offering service of trading manager and buy account for signature. From signature campaign i obtain about 0.01 BTC daily. Hope you could help me. Thank you

avatar Matheus Bittencurt 2016-07-27 15:28

@kkravi - It was little but I hope it helps!

BTC Noob 2016-07-27 23:09

You should leave some funds, burnout is near zero and investors will not get %

avatar Ronnel Ang 2016-08-14 18:37

burn out is flat ...

tobixen - investments 2016-09-05 14:00

I've received fiat worth 0.3 BTC from him. Will send bitcoins to his deposit address during the evening (I'm totally out at the moment).

tobixen - investments 2016-09-06 13:16

received NOK 1500 yesterday and NOK 1200 today, so this one is slowly being repaid.

I'm also increasing my own stake here hoping we'll get the burnout back on track.

mnxc45 2017-02-05 15:08

Hi kkravi, please give an update about the use of the money. Where are you using this money?

avatar Sergey Denisov 2017-05-01 16:02

Hi help me raise 1 BTC. I will return with 10% interest



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Phone number Hidden... 2016-05-14 11:55:59.131787
Monthly income Hidden... 2016-05-16 20:27:14.398907
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