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avatar Mr Ocean 2016-11-09 16:01

Dear potential investor I'm chasing a small amount of quick funding in Bitcoin via Getline. I have made over 4 BTC in repayments just this week via loanbase and getline 1 payment on Loanbase remaining only - and well under 2BTC of debt on getline - (made over .6 in getline payments today) and only requesting .3BTC anything under .15% rate will be accepted instantly thank you for your consideration.

avatar Mr Ocean 2016-11-19 10:25

Hey guys full payment is coming thank you for the credit

avatar sciack 2016-12-19 00:33

Hi I am sciack from BLC if you want to invest with me I have moved on this platform now!

avatar Jeff Bortoff 2016-12-26 00:49

Dont forget to watch out for your burnout . once its zero . investors dont earn .



First of all thank you very much for your consideration in this loan it’s greatly appreciated

First time using borrowing on Getline but certainly not my first time borrowing Bitcoin in a p2p setting.

Please take the time to look over my profiles both at Loanbase and BTCJam, you will notice an extensive perfect history of borrowing also that every single payment on every single loan has been paid in full and early. (I understand I’m actually the top if not top three Bitcoin borrowers known within the p2p lending space for Bitcoin).

Over 800BTC successfully borrowed and paid back with interest to all investors in me.

// Actually top 1 active borrower (regarding Loanbase stats)

These loaned funds will be used as increased liquidity for my on-going successful operations,
please also take the time to check out my Localbitcoins profile –
with a 3000/100% rating a Pro Trader with zero negative rep over 3000+ trades and 500+ trusted reviews.

I welcome any and all questions, please contact me via here or better still join my facebook group.

I look forward to a mutually beneficial loan with you and thank you again for your consideration and support.

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