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Getline is about sharing money with people you trust and building online reputation. .

We are radically different, we are building


The simplest form of credit is line of trust that could be used and repaid when borrower is capable of doing that.


All records about borrowers could be audited and analyzed. We offer real time view of what is happening inside platform


We are giving tools meant for finance professional in hands of people


We are doing that because we belive that customers need access to all data that could make their decisions better.

Reduced friction

We are using bitcoin because it is a great enabler and it allows everybody in the world to transact free without borders. We are the fastest to provide a simple and powerful credit line(.)

How could you make world connected with network of trust?

Ultimately, when we get it right, reputation capital could create a massive positive disruption in who has power, trust and influence. A three-digit score, your traditional credit history, that only 30 percent of us actually know what it is, will no longer be the determining factor in how much things cost, what we can access, and, in many instances, limit what we can do in the world. Indeed, reputation is a currency that I believe will become more powerful than our credit history in the 21st century. Reputation will be the currency that says that you can trust me.