Why sharing economy?

A shift of trust from traditional companies like banks and corporations to trusting other people
has lead us to rent our houses to strangers on Airbnb,
drive with them via Uber or BlaBla Car, all thanks to incredible transparency of people we cooperate with.
So why not to borrow money to people we trust and earn on it?
Inspire yourself with the Ratchel Botsman TED Talk about sharing economy and its power.

How it works?

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John needs to borrow some money for a life deal, family or so on. He cannot take a bank loan working part-time without steady contract.

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He can borrow from a friend, but she doesn't have any free money to borrow now.

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But somewhere at the end of the world there is a man with free money, wasting themselves on his account.

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And even not a one.

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A lot of them.

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And they all can invest in John's loan and earn on it in the future. John doesn't lose his deal, investors earn, everybody happy.



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Users about us

David Hockey
David Hockey

"Basically an online btc credit card in a way I love the fact you don't have to pay back everything fully and can just make small payments or big payments when you want"

Thomas Coler
Thomas Coler

"I've been around the P2P lending community for nearly two years now and I appreciate those of you who have been loyal friends, collaborators, and investors. I've been a fan of the GetLine model since Kacper introduced it during a period when most of the major players in the space were taking actions that, in my opinion, reduced their appeal and restricted functionality. I've been actively helping him to grow the community and where possible lend my expertise from years of studying financial markets, and insights discovered from some of the top "power players" in the P2P lending world I've come to know. I'm excited to see GetLine get to where it is today with the success it has, given the free market principles by which it stands (the ones rejected by some of its competitors), and look forward to seeing the community develop."

Camy Lopez
Camy Lopez

"Being an Local Bitcoin seller, I get so many requests for short term loans, I say no. But every so often, you end up having to help someone. I thought your platform is perfect to do that in a way that makes it official without having to go through the process of applying for a loan on one of the lending platforms."

Why on Getline?


Low interest rates

Flexible credit line borrowing suited to your needs

Credibility for the future

Easy contact with investors and borrowers via our chat



High returns on investments and low risk thanks to our carefully chosen borrowers

Diversified investments portfolio

Daily returns

Easy contact with borrowers and investors via our chat